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Chicago is host to some of the great sports followings in the country, and Comcast finds significant value in taking corporate guests to sporting events as part of its sports marketing and business development efforts. Comcast is one of the nation’s largest video, high-speed internet and phone providers to residential and business customers, and takes pride in a robust sports marketing program.


To manage ticket requests and allocations more fairly, Comcast allocates its tickets between various groups such as local, “interconnect,” and marketing.


The ticket administrator has to manually type all ticket information into slow and difficult Excel spreadsheets. A Comcast decision – maker then allocates the tickets to the different lines of business.

This approach to ticket management is inefficient and involves using multiple spreadsheets, which are disparate and difficult to read. Each line of business has ticket administrators responsible for their tickets. These administrators receive ticket requests, enter that manually, and then, finally, distribute the tickets. On top of all these steps, administrators collect invitee information per mandatory Comcast auditing requirements. If any information is missing, manhours are wasted chasing down information from ticket requestors.


Spotlight has automated both the ticket request and approval process, while improving record-keeping. Comcast employees in each line of business or group only see their own tickets.


Spreadsheets have been entirely eliminated. The ticket requestor provides the invitee information and client annual spending levels as part of the request in Spotlight, and receives automatic email reminders if anything is missing. No more chasing ticket requestors for missing data.

The ticket administrators no longer contend with ticket inventory questions because employees can see all available tickets in Spotlight in real time. By far, the biggest savings is the time previously spent generating ticket usage reports and ensuring compliance. With a few mouse clicks, several key usage reports are now readily available.

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Today, compliance with Comcast expense requirements is much easier across the board. Employees who obtain tickets can simply log into Spotlight, print the game/invitee information and attach it to their Purchase Card statements, as required by corporate policy, within minutes. The Director of Sales receives a Spotlight-generated email to approve a request, the decision is final and tickets are distributed quickly and efficiently. A report that takes less than a minute addresses any questions without any need to do research from multiple spreadsheets.


“Our previous ticketing system is Chicago absorbed an enormous amount of my time as a Ticket Administrator. Today I am nearly out of the entire process because of the Spotlight program and cannot be happier to have a big responsibility minimized!”

Tammy – Comcast, Chicago

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